Since the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) was founded in 1945 to carry out research programs on use of nuclear, and its application France has set up and run various types of installations : research or prototypes reactors, process study or examination laboratories, pilot installations, accelerators, nuclear power plants and processing facilities. Some of these are currently being dismantled or must be dismantled soon so that the DEN, the Nuclear Energy Division, can construct new equipment and thus have available a range of R&D facilities in line with the issues of the nuclear industry of the future. Since the 1960s and 1970s in all its centers, the CEA has acquired experience and know-how through dismantling various nuclear facilities. The dismantling techniques are nowadays operational, even if sometimes certain specific developments are necessary to reduce the cost of operations. Thanks to availability of techniques and guarantees of dismantling program financing now from two dedicated funds, close to 15 B€ for the next thirty years, for current or projected dismantling operations, the CEA’s Nuclear Energy Division has been able to develop, when necessary, its immediate dismantling strategy. Currently, nearly thirty facilities are being dismantled by the CEA’s Nuclear Energy Division operational units with its industrial partners. Thus the next decade will see completion of the dismantling and radioactive clean-up of the Grenoble site and of the facilities on the Fontenay-aux-Roses site. By 2018, the dismantling of the UP1 plant at Marcoule, the largest dismantling work in France, will be well advanced, with all the process equipment dismantled. After an overview of the French regulatory framework, the paper will describe the DD&R strategy, programme and feedback experience inside the CEA’s Nuclear Energy Division and its progress since ICEM 14 in 2011’s conference in Reims.

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