The new batch pyrolysis plant in Studsvik is built primarily for treatment of uranium containing dry active waste, “DAW”. Several other waste types have been identified that are considered or assumed suitable for treatment in the pyrolysis plant because of the possibility to carefully control the atmosphere and temperature of the thermal treatment. These waste types must be characterised and an evaluation must be made with a BAT (Best Available Technology) perspective. Studsvik have performed or plan to perform lab scale pyrolysis tests on a number of different waste types. These include

- Pyrophoric materials (uranium shavings)

- Uranium chemicals that must be oxidised prior to being deposited in repository

- Sludges and oil soaks (this category includes NORM-materials)

- Ion exchange resins (both “free” and solidified/stabilised)

- Bitumen solidified waste

Methodology and assessment criteria for various waste types, together with results obtained for the lab scale tests that have been performed, are described.

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