According to the framework program of the Russian Federation released in 2010 it is planned to build up additional nuclear capacity of approximately 20 GWe. In addition, contracts were signed for several new-builds throughout the world. The related design efforts together with the restricted design capacities in Russia led Rosenergoatom (Client) and Atomstroyexport (Co-Client) to the set up of a so-called unified project “TOI”. “TOI” means translated “Technically Optimized reactor designed with Integrated databases”. NUKEM Technologies owned by Atomstroyexport was selected to develop the standardized technically optimized design for the treatment of the generated LLW and ILW. Special emphasis was made to reduce the waste volume for storage after treatment to below 50 m3 per year and unit. The selected treatment technologies compromise sorting, fragmentation, thermal treatment, compaction, evaporation, cementation etc. In 2010 NUKEM Technologies together with Atomenergoprojekt (Main Contractor) developed the technical concept for the treatment of liquid and solid LLW and ILW generated within the reactor as well as in the auxiliary buildings. In an iterative process the waste amounts generated and the respective treatment methods were discussed and agreed. The next step will be to further develop the design. The basic design (technical project) should be finalized until end of 2012.

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