New free release monitoring post with a large volume 600 L container counting geometry was designed and developed. The monitoring system is able to monitor a material also in standard counting geometry of 200 L drum. Using counting geometry of 600 L rectangular container that is equipped with self-discharger is able to increase the total monitoring capacity. The monitoring system is based on a pair of electrically cooled semiconductor HPGe detectors that are placed into a modifiable vertical or horizontal pair of lead collimators. The monitoring system is integrated with an industrial scale for determination of massic activities of measured materials and in addition by a rotating table in the case of 200 L drums monitoring. Monitoring system is integrated into transportable ISO container with constant environmental conditions that are ensured by air-condition unit. Full-energy peak detection efficiency (FPE) polynomial curves for various densities of measured material were in both cases determined by ISOCS calibration code based on designed counting geometry and delivered ISOCS/LabSOCS detector characterization. Uncertainty analysis of massic activity measurement by container and drum monitoring system in designed counting geometry is introduced below in more detail.

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