Iodine extraction from the mineral water at the Balkanabat Iodine and Khazar chemical plants in Turkmenistan resulted in their territories contamination by NORM in very significant quantities. The bulk quantity of the accumulated waste is represented by sand, soil and charcoal mix. Charcoal was originally used for the Iodine sorption. It contains the radionuclides which have been presented in the mineral water and then been adsorbed during the Iodine extraction process. Plants territory remediation project results are given in the paper. The main topics are the radioactive waste collection, packaging, transportation and it’s placement to the repository. The given information relates covers the repository commissioning, filling and partial closure. The data on the NORM contaminated waste characteristics and quantities are described. The data on waste transportation containers and repository features are submitted also. One can find the information on the basic technical solutions of the repository construction, filling and closure, including covering coatings, drainage, inspection wells and equipment used. The information is valid as of 01.05.2011.

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