ENRESA is the National Spanish Agency responsible of the dismantling of Nuclear Facilities, previous Transfer of ownership of the facility from the Utility to ENRESA. On April 30th 2006, Jose´ Cabrera Nuclear Power Plant (Fig. 1) was definitively shutdown, and two years later, on April 30th 2008, ENRESA requested the transfer of the ownership of the Plant from the Ministry along with the corresponding authorization for performance of the Dismantling and Decommissioning Plan. On February 1st 2010, ENRESA was authorized to initiate the dismantling of Jose´ Cabrera NPP, once the spent fuel has been stored on-site at a dry storage facility (ISFSI). Currently, preparatory activities are underway, including the modification of systems and auxiliary facilities for waste and material management. Main challenges of the project include the removal of major components (vessel, steam generator, pressurizer, main pump and primary loop), and the use of large containers (CE-2b) to reduce segmentation of activated parts.

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