This paper presents ongoing results of the project presented at ICEM 10 [paper 40071] related to the topics of the reuse of conditionally released materials arising from decommissioning of nuclear installations. The subject of the presented paper is modelling of motorway tunnels, which reuse the conditionally released steel in form of reinforcing nets and bars for the concrete construction of tunnels. The general approach for the project was presented at ICEM 10. The activities of the project continued in evaluating the impact of the nuclide composition contained in the conditionally released steel on calculated individual effective doses from the external exposure (the internal exposure will be evaluated in next stages of the project). Mentioned radioactive steel arises during decommissioning and would be reused in motorway tunnels. Evaluated scenarios are related to critical groups of public (driver’s scenarios) and for professionals constructing the tunnels and performing the maintenance of tunnels (worker’s scenarios). The computer code VISIPLAN 4.0 3D ALARA planning tool was used for the calculation of individual effective doses for worker and for public groups. Various limits of the individual effective dose are used for public and for professionals. The aim of the ongoing modelling is to develop a set of data of the maximal radioactivity concentration for individual radionuclides contained in the conditionally released steel used in tunnel model constructions in order not to exceed the limits for the individual effective dose.

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