It is important for establishment of safety assessment techniques of geological disposal to understand groundwater flow and solute transport accurately. Therefore, we are positioning to confirm an applicability of the techniques in realistic environment as a crucial issue in R&D. We have attempted and planed some relevant studies as below: - A methodology to integrate activities from site investigations to evaluation of solute transport was examined. We have carried out groundwater flow analysis on a regional scale using geological and hydrological information from surface-based investigations at the Horonobe area, and also solute transport analysis based on the information of the trajectory analysis. - We have carried out a preliminary simulation of groundwater flow and salinity concentration distribution using information on climatic and sea-level changes, and evolution of geological structures considering the impacts of natural events and processes. Consequently, we could outline the impacts of natural events and processes on geological environment including hydrogeology, hydrochemistry and their evolutions. - We have been planning to develop and apply a methodology of groundwater flow and solute transport analysis to the shallow part, the Horonobe coastal area and around the URL. These techniques would become a basis for future site specific safety assessment in Japan.

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