As one of the repository operation technologies for high-level radioactive waste (HLW), the pre-fabricated engineered barrier system module (PEM) was carried out the examination of handling and emplacement technique for engineered barrier system (EBS). The PEM technology was examined to confirm technological applicability. The PEM is concept of the integration of EBS as the module in the surface facilities, and transporting the module underground facilities. This concept is the one of the candidate concepts of horizontal emplacement techniques for EBS in Japan. Therefore, PEM is the same level large size and heavy weight as EBS, and it is necessary to examine the applicability of handling and emplacement techniques. Full-scale level tests were performed to confirm the applicability of these techniques with the air bearing/air jack devices. In the tests, we prepared the testing devices of full-scale level size/weight and confirmed the applicability of these technologies as an elemental technology on the condition of considering the environment of an underground tunnel. The air bearing test that produced the surface-roughness of the tunnel environment was carried out the evaluation concerning the transportation performance of the air bearing. And, the air jack test was carried out the holding and emplacement of PEM. The repository operation technology with the air bearing/jack device was confirmed to execute the examination, and to apply to handling and emplacement technique for PEM.

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