This paper presents results of a half-scale test performed by ESV EURIDICE, an Economic Interest Grouping between the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK•CEN) and the Belgian Agency for Radioactive Waste and Enriched Fissile Materials (ONDRAF/NIRAS). The primary objective of the test was to assess the feasibility of constructing the Supercontainer and to provide experimental data to validate modelling calculations obtained using the finite element program HEAT/MLS. The test focused on the early-age behaviour of the concrete matrix materials and the practical aspects of construction. Generally, the results obtained from the half-scale test confirm that it is feasible to construct the Supercontainer with currently available techniques. The results also validate scoping calculations obtained earlier with the finite element model. These findings contribute an important step to demonstrate the feasibility to construct the Supercontainer and to validate the Belgian Supercontainer concept proposed by ONDRAF/NIRAS for disposal of high level waste (HLW) in Belgium.

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