PEACER (Proliferation-resistant, Environmental-friendly, Accident-tolerant, Continuable-energy and Economical Reactor) is a conceptual liquid metal fast reactor using Pb-Bi as a coolant and feasibility study on transmutation of spent nuclear fuel into LILW (Low and Intermediate Level Waste) using PEACER is in progress. Safety assessment of repository is essential for this feasibility study with assumption that we dispose the wastes from PWRs and PEACERs with established decontamination factors. Scenario development is one of important step for carrying out reliable and comprehensive safety assessment. This study adopted scenario development methodology from H12 report (JNC, 2000) and classified assessment scenarios into base scenario, perturbation scenarios and isolation failure scenarios. Scenarios are established by classifying, screening out and selecting FEPs with concepts and conditions of disposal for feasibility study.

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