In France, a framework has been drawn up by the National Assembly and implemented by the government, in order to get the best relationship between Andra, among others, and the stakeholders and the inhabitants of the towns and countries where disposal facilities or projects are or could be established. The main threads of the two Acts passed in 2006, being relevant to the relationship with inhabitants are the information exchange and the local economic development. Dealing with the information exchange and diffusion: • The Local Information Committee (CLI), for each nuclear facility, has been reinforced and a specific, Local Information and Oversight Committee (for the Underground Laboratory in Meuse-Haute-Marne) has been renewed. The CLI was in charge of a general assignment to inform and consult on nuclear safety, radioprotection and environmental topics. Now, since 2006, the nuclear facility’s CLI and the CLIS are able to order study reports, measures and analyses to experts freely selected. • Creation of the High Committee for Transparency and Information on Nuclear Safety (HCTISN). This new authority aims to inform, consult and debate about the risks relevant to nuclear activities and their impacts on people’s health, environment and nuclear safety. Andra contributes to the functioning of CLI in disposal facilities at Manche and Aube Departments, and CLIS of the underground Laboratory at Meuse and Haute-Marne departments. This paper will present these contributions and how Andra’s action helps to reach the goals of information and exchange with the people around its facilities. Concerning the local economic development, there are specific organizations or schemes, depending on the facility: • Local taxes contributions based on the disposal facilities activities as is usual in France. • A High Level Committee (CHN) and two public interest groups (GIP) in Meuse and Haute-Marne departments have been set up since 1991 and 2005. Andra is represented in these three institutions, but they are not funded at all by Andra. This paper will show the Andra’s involvement in the local economic and territorial developments. Within this general framework Andra has developed information and exchanges actions with the stakeholders and the inhabitants around its facilities. Examples of these actions will be presented also.

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