Primary loop resin waste is eluted by sulfuric acid in The Kansai Electic Company Mihama, Takahama and Ohi nuclear power station. Waste solution from this elution process is planned to be solidified by cement. This study bring out a range of chemical composition and crud concentration of waste solution from this elution process, and examine the properties of alumina cement solidification process and solidified material. Test for sulfate ion, borate, lithium, ammonium ion was carried out. Volume reduction ratio of over 0.5 was achieved for 5 to 25wt% of sulfate ion and <5,000ppm of borate. Lithium ion restrained the solidification delay by borate. Also, ammonium ion shows no significant effect. Based on this study, we concluded that the aluminum cement is applicable to all range of composition of waste solution from the resin elution process. This study is a part of committed work of The Kansai electric company.

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