Decommissioning studies have been carried out for the three BWR units of Oskarshamn nuclear power plant and the three BWR units of Forsmark nuclear power plant. The final closure of these units is far ahead but anyhow there has been a need for developing a more general decommissioning planning basis. The main objectives of the studies have been to establish an estimate of the waste amounts arising from these units during decommissioning and dismantling as well as providing a firm basis for funding of the decommissioning phase for these units. The waste amounts will be used when designing a repository for decommissioning waste of the same type as the existing facility for final disposal of short-lived low and intermediate level waste, the SFR, at Forsmark, Sweden. The broader studies will also be used to verify that the existing national decommissioning fund is of an adequate size. In this paper information is given about the inventory of materials and radioactivity at the time for final shutdown. Furthermore, the resulting waste quantities are estimated. Some other features of the decommissioning planning are also presented.

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