Fuji Electric had developed the low pressure oxygen plasma technology for mild decomposition and mineralization of an organic material such as ion exchange resin. This method is suitable for radioactive spent resin volume/weight reduction and stabilization for final disposal. On this process, the ion-exchange resins are vaporized and decomposed into gas-phase with pyrolysis, and then, they are decomposed and oxidized with low-pressure plasma activity based on oxygen. And this process is achieved under moderate condition for radio active waste. • incinerate temperature: 400–700 deg C; • low-pressure (low-temperature) plasma condition: 10–50 Pa. From the result of this process, named of LPOP(low pressure oxidation process) by the inductively coupled plasma, we have confirmed that the process is applicable for organic fireproof waste including ion-exchange resin, and found that the used resin treatment performance is the same as cold test (using imitate spent resin) [1] [2] [3]. In this paper, the outline of the LPOP technology, and two research results on the possibility of solidification with cement of LPOP residue for geological disposes are reported. (1)Study of the residue chemical form after LPOP process (2)Study of the solidification character with cement.

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