Monitoring of characteristics of the radiation situation in close surrounding of the decommissioned NPP A1 by an independent organization is described and discussed in the paper. The measurements are carried out in the NPP A1 site close to the VUJE operation building, not far from the places, where the decommissioning activities are concentrated. These activities relate to bringing the NPP A1 to safer conditions, e.g. cleanup of contaminated underground waste water reservoirs, solidification of the removed sludge from these reservoirs by an in situ open air solidification system, cleaning of contaminated concretes and so on. Other activities also relate to radiological impact to the environment, e.g. radioactive waste processing at Bohunice RW -Ttreatment Centre and intensive traffic of sources of ionising radiation to and from this centre located very close to the place mentioned above. Results of the measurements carried out by VUJE accredited laboratory in the frame of Decommissioning project of NPP A1 present an uninterrupted time series of measurements and enable evaluation of development for the last 17 years. The monitoring results demonstrate that the only significant radionuclide indicating radiological impact of the decommissioning is 137Cs. Its activity concentration in atmospheric aerosols at the sampling point has been time to time elevated and in average is by about one order higher in comparison with a 100 km far reference (background) site.

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