Recently developed computer code OMEGA for evaluation and optimisation of decommissioning options implements the standardised cost structure (IAEA, OECD/NEA, EC, 1999) as the universal structure [PSL] for calculation and optimisation of decommissioning scenarios. One of the groups of decommissioning activities is the dismantling of systems and structures. These activities variously depend on the complexity of dismantled systems, e.g. reactors, equipment of the primary systems or standard components like pipes, valves, motors, tanks etc. Type and extent of decommissioning activities depends also on local conditions for dismantling like dose rate, decommissioning equipment category, local working conditions, etc. These factors determine the selection of techniques for dismantling, depending on material and radiological status of the equipment (type of technique and their manual or remote application). This approach enables proper planning and performing of individual decommissioning phases.

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