This summary presents the clean-up and dismantling works on glove boxes and shielded lines in building 18. The Atomic Energy Commission’s centre at Fontenay Aux Roses (CEA-FAR) was created in 1946. A radiochemical laboratory devoted to R&D programs focused on studies of irradiated fuel reprocessing processes, waste treatment processes and studies and production of transuranic elements was built in the early 1960s. The R&D program was finally halted on 30 June 1995. The purpose of the building 18 clean-up program is to minimise the nuclear and traditional hazards and to reduce as much as possible the production of high- and medium-level waste during subsequent dismantling work. The paper will deal with a short description of the operations as well as the lessons learned and the feedback experience which could be of any help in on going or planned DD&R projects.

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