In this paper we will examine the decommissioning and radioactive waste implications of a hypothetical cyclotron facility. from conception through design into operation and finally decommissioning. Supported by the computer codes MCNPX, MCNP and FISPACT we illustrate the induced activity in the cyclotron pit walls. Using the computer codes it is possible to highlight the problems associated with neutron activation of the cyclotron pit walls and the need for specialist shielding materials, such as boronated polyethylene. Using MCNP it is possible to design a vault for cost effective decommissioning through the use of sacrificial layers. This code allows the likely degree of activation and penetration of activation products to be quantified and hence gives an idea of waste disposal costs. In summary, a dedicated PET facility will challenge most RPAs. A wide range of skills are needed which encompass practical operational procedures, through specialist shielding design using Monte Carlo codes to the ability to appear confident to Regulators who may be finding the experience the same steep learning curve.

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