Problem wastes are defined as those wastes which are solidified with difficulty, have poor volumetric efficiencies or produce an unsatisfactory product, demands much of radiation safety of technological process. These wastes are organic liquid (oil, solvents, extractants, scintillation cocktail and others), high containing surface-active substances, subacid aqueous saline and high containing alpha nuclides LRW. The technology consists in as follows. First of all, porous concrete is prepared by a special mixer and placed into a container. The container is the standard drum 100 or 200 l. At the age-hardening of concrete not less than 28 days, when main hydration processes are finished, problem LRW is pumped into the pore space of the porous concrete matrix through previously positioned the special feed tube. The hardened porous concrete matrix is impregnated with problem liquid radioactive wastes which penetrate into the pore space. Depending on kind of LRW contents of waste in the final product has made 50–65% vol. The final conditioning product has meet requirements. LRW is fixed very reliable inside pores of the cement matrix.

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