Co-precipitation experiments of lanthanides were carried out using this lab-scale apparatus (4kg-salt/batch). As lanthanides, 8 lanthanide elements (Y, La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Sm, Eu and Gd) were used. By reaction with oxygen, these 8 lanthanide chlorides were converted their oxide (REO2, RE2O3) or oxychloride form. Since these lanthanide oxides or oxychlorides are nearly molten salt insoluble, they all were precipitated by free settling in the bottom of molten salt bed, where about 7–8 hrs precipitation time was requested. It was found that in the conditions of 700 °C - 12 hours sparging time and 5 L/min, all the used lanthanide elements showed over 99.5% oxidation efficiency. But in case of 800 °C molten salt temperature only after 7 hours they showed over 99% oxidation efficiency.

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