Remote monitoring of radiological conditions on large areas is important task during large-scale activity with radioactive contamination/materials. We present results of application of an automatic system for remote measurements of radiological conditions at territory of rehabilitation activity. The system is scanning collimated spectrometric detector, its construction and main performance characteristics are shortly described. System, including two different measurement heads was used during three years for radiological monitoring of area rehabilitation works at temporal radwaste storage area of RRC Kurchatov Institute. The results of its application for exposure dose rate monitoring at particular control points from separate strong sources located in the territory of activity are presented and special cases are studies in details. The method of EDR calculation in 3-D space around territory of activity and analysis of relative input of main gamma-sources into EDR are presented. The results of application of the system during rehabilitation activity at territory of temporal storage of radioactive wastes of RRC Kurchatov Institute have shown high efficiency of this system for such operations.

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