Nexia Solutions are currently running a small European network entitled “European Network on the Determination of Site End Points for Radiologically Contaminated Land (ENDSEP)”. Other network members include NRG (Netherlands), UKAEA (UK), CEA (France), SOGIN (Italy), Wismut (Germany), Saxon State Agency of Environment and Geology (Germany). The network is focused on the technical and socio-economical issues associated with the determination of end points for sites potentially, or actually, impacted by radiological contamination. Such issues will cover: • Those associated with the run up to establishing a site end point; • Those associated with verifying that the end points have been met; and • Those associated with post closure. The network’s current high level objectives can be summarized as follows: • Share experience and best practice in the key issues running up to determining site end points; • Gain a better understanding of the potential effects of recent and forthcoming EU legislation; • Assess consistency between approaches; • Highlight potential gaps within the remit of site end point determination and management; and • Consider the formulation of research projects with a view to sharing time and expense. The programme of work revolves around the following key tasks: • Share information, experience and existing good practice. • Look to determine sustainable approaches to contaminated land site end point management. • Through site visits, gain first hand experience of determining an appropriate end point strategy, and identifying and resolving end point issues. • Highlight the key data gaps and consider the development of programmes to either close out these gaps or to build confidence in the approaches taken. • Production of position papers on each technical area highlighting how different countries approach/resolve a specific problem.

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