This paper is related to the clearance potential levels, ingestion and inhalation hazard factors of the spent nuclear fuel and radioactive wastes. This study required a complex activity that consisted of more steps such as: the acquisition, setting up, validation and application of procedures, codes and libraries. The paper reflects the validation stage of this study. Its objective was to compare the measured inventories of selected actinide and fission products radionuclides in an element from the Pickering CANDU reactor with the inventories predicted using a recent version of the SCALE 5\ORIGEN-ARP code coupled with the time dependent cross sections library for the CANDU 28 reactor (produced by the sequence SCALE4.4a\SAS2H and SCALE4.4a\ORIGEN-S). In this way, the procedures, the codes and the libraries for the characterization of radioactive material in terms of radioactive inventories, clearance, and biological hazard factors could be qualified and validated, in support of the safety management of the radioactive wastes.

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