Belgoprocess is momentarily in the process of purchasing its fifth NDA-system. Measurement systems are, although based on general designs, not from the shelf items but tailormade sophisticated and highly automated devices. It is obvious that such a project cannot be carried out by solely a NDA team, but needs a multifunctional team. This team combines NDA expertise with experts in civil works, electrical and mechanical engineering, procurement, IT, safety and legal administration. From less positive experiences in the past, Belgoprocess learned a lot and has now a systematic in place. This systematic structures the project from definition of requirements to operation, a two to three year process. This paper defines the phases of a NDA project and gives for each phase some do’s and don’ts. A second subject is the writing and handling of the vast but needed and required documentation. It gives a brief overview of the over thirty documents and files needed. The described, integrated and formal approach reduces the risk of failing projects, systems not meeting the expectations or denied qualification. It puts clear agreements in place, smoothening the relationship between company, supplier and authorities.

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