A safety assessment of a proposed deep geological repository for the direct disposal of spent UO2 or mixed-oxide fuel, vitrified high-level waste from the reprocessing of spent fuel and long-lived intermediate-level waste in the Opalinus Clay of the Zu¨rcher Weinland of northern Switzerland is described. The assessment methodology is systematic and transparent, and includes the analysis of a broad range of assessment cases, as well as complementary analyses and the formulation of more qualitative arguments. Analyses show compliance with Swiss regulatory Protection Objectives in all cases, and safety indicators complementary to dose and risk further illustrate the low concentrations and fluxes of radioactivity that are expected. No outstanding issues are identified with the potential to compromise safety. The existence of phenomena that are beneficial to safety, but are deliberately (and conservatively) excluded from the assessment (reserve FEPs) indicates that the actual performance of the repository will be even more favourable than the results of the analyses suggest.

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