Performance assessment (PA), as a tool to support decisions associated with geological disposal, requires the facilitation of various views of stakeholders. A straightforward approach to this is for variety of people to actually try carrying out PA calculations to stimulate, test, and strengthen their arguments. In the past, however, they have been carried out only by a limited number of experts who share a similar discipline. This is due to a number of reasons, e.g., methodology of PA is difficult for a non-expert to follow, availability of resources necessary for PA is limited, and a single expert in a specific field cannot conduct an overall PA calculation because of multidisciplinary nature of PA. To tackle these issues, we developed a system on the World Wide Web that allows a wider spectrum of people to run PA codes and access associated databases on demand. Moreover they can build their own PA models in an object-oriented-online environment. With this system, independent and voluntary network communities can construct their own safety cases so that, collectively, a variety of views can be presented to support stakeholders in forming their opinion. In this paper, the methodology of the online performance assessment and configuration of the software system is presented with example applications.

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