Present German decommissioning projects, such as NPP Greifswald, NPP Rheinsberg, NPP Wu¨rgassen, Siemens Fuel Fabrication and Siemens Hot Cells, utilise an uniformed management system for registration, tracking, monitoring and managing of radioactive materials. This management system, the ReVK (German acronym: ReVK = Reststofffluss-Verfolgungs- und Kontrollsystem), is designed to track the complete disposal treatment of radioactive waste beginning from its generation with all disposal and conditioning steps up to its final destination. ReVK is built on a standardised base version, which offers multiple configuration options with respect to individual the user-specific requirements concerning the basis functionalities of ReVK. In particular ReVK was designed to: • register, actualise and provide information about radioactive substances and wastes. • control and manage all shipment, storage and treatment processes. • manage substantial balances and bookkeeping requirements. • process checks for exemption and the suitability for a final disposal. • prove the destination of radioactive waste and substances resulting from the decommissioning process. • generate official reports and documents. • support operational issues resulting from decommissioning and disposal strategy. Furthermore ReVK provides a multitude of add-ons to meet special user needs, which enlarge the spectrum of application enormously. Principally ReVK is designed to be upgraded easily at any time. ReVK is validated and qualified, accepted by experts and authorities and fulfils the requirements for a radioactive waste documentation system.

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