In 1999 was issued commonly by EC, IAEA and OECD the document “A Proposed Standardised List of Items for Costing Purposes in the Decommissioning of Nuclear Installations” (PSL). The main aim of this document was to establish a standard platform for structure of presented decommissioning costs. The decommissioning costs calculated in various projects have in general different structure and for presenting the decommissioning costs in PSL structure, additional recalculation or rearrangement of data are needed. This can increase the uncertainty of data or it is not sure if they really reflect the cost defined in the PSL structure. The paper describes a newly developed cost calculation code, which respect the PSL structure. The calculated costs data are compatible with the standardised structure. The code is intended to use for decommissioning planning of a NPP with a non-standard radiological situation, shutdown after an accident For this purpose the code has an integrated material and radionuclide resolved radioactivity flow control system in calculation process which enables a direct calculation link between the input material and radiological inventory data and the calculated costs and other decommissioning parameters for increasing the accuracy of calculated data. The code has an integrated cost allocating system for generating of user defined working breakdown structure of the decommissioning project with allocated costs calculated in PSL structure. The working breakdown structure can be on-line optimised using the standard Microsoft Office Project Planning tool software.

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