The radioactive waste treatment and conditioning are the most important step in radioactive waste management. In Slovak Republic the waste treatment and conditioning are including in the “Strategy of Radioactive waste management”. According to this “Strategy..” all sorts of low- and intermediate radioactive waste have to be conditioned to the fiber reinforced concrete container, i.e. “waste package”, only acceptable form for disposal in surface repository in Mochovce. In spite of good design of “Strategy..., in whole process should be occur some difficulty or difference. In the Radioactive Waste Treatment and Conditioning Center in Jaslovske Bohunice, built in 1999, the German treatment and conditioning technology together with French design of waste container was engaged. Presented paper summarized the practices during about 3 years operational period of conditioning radwaste in Jaslovske Bohunice. Till the presented results was achieved the harmonization of conditioning technology, particularly the cementation, has been necessary to accomplish with selected waste package. This aim had been reached after 1 years testing and analyzing with main fixed-target to find suitable formulation for radioactive grouting. The specific experiences had been received after 3 years operational period, which could be use for improving of whole process. In next time, the effects of conditioning process should be done especially in connection to the final disposal namely in term of economical efficiency. Based on present practice the great allowance indicated in area of concentration limits exploitation.

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