Characteristics of high temperature filter system were evaluated and the operation parameters were identified through a series of tests by the ceramic candle filter elements. At the first time of the tests, the trend of the pressure drop across the filter was increased sharply. But due to the growth of dust cake on the surface of filters it became stabilized to a certain level soon. The pressure drop was increased by the face velocity strongly. The permeability of the filter element decreased rapidly in the initial time but because the deposition and it also became stable as time goes on. Dust collection efficiency of the filter was higher than the designed value of 99.9%. Dust cleaning of the filter surface was effective under the back flushing pressure range of 1 to 5 bar. Finally, at the long-term vitrification test, no specific defect or failure were occurred to the ceramic candle filter. Based on the test results, the performance and durability of the ceramic candle filter was proved as sound.

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