The Centre for Radiation Protection and Hygiene is the institution responsible for Radioactive Waste Management Service in Cuba. This Service comprises: centralized collection, transportation, treatment, conditioning, long term storage, and disposal of radioactive waste, as well as dismantling, decontamination and decommissioning of small nuclear facilities. Radioactive waste should be managed in such a way as to ensure adequate safety and protection of both human health and the environment. In order to fulfil this principle a Quality Management System has been implemented for the Radioactive Waste Management Service, based on the ISO 9000 Standards. The Quality System provides, as appropriate: • adequate assurance that the requirements specified by the Regulatory Authority relating to protection and safety are satisfied; • adequate assurance that the customer requirements are satisfied; • control of all kind and inventories of radioactive waste through the implementation of a comprehensive system for record keeping; • continuous improvement to guarantee the cost minimization related with the radioactive waste management; • and quality control mechanisms and procedures for reviewing and assessing the overall effectiveness of the system. In the year 2002, as a conclusion of a certification audit performed by the direction of the Centre for Radiation Protection and Hygiene, the Quality Management System implemented for the Radioactive Waste Management Service was successfully certified according to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2000 Standard.

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