ARAO is the Slovenian public agency responsible for the disposal of radioactive waste. Presently its most important mission is the siting of a repository for low and intermediate level waste (LILW) in Slovenia. Although a location for a repository has no yet been selected, important preliminary activities are ongoing. One of the most important is the preparation of performance and safety assessment (PA/SA) for the planned LILW repository. The work is performed by the joint PA/SA team, which is managed and coordinated by ARAO. The work started already in 1997 with the clarification of the objectives of the PA/SA procedure. In 1999 the first preliminary performance assessment of two safety cases — surface and underground LILW repository on a generic site — was realized. In 2001 ARAO successfully applied for the IAEA technical co-operation (TC) program, which gave fresh impetus to the Slovenian PA/SA activities. Simultaneously with the on-going IAEA programme on PA/SA, our national case is also being developed. In 2002 the deterministic performance assessment for a LILW repository on a generic site was completed. The review of the PA/SA report performed by the IAEA expert mission in May 2003 was very positive about the results and the achieved level of expertise of the joint PA/SA team. It is hoped that the team will be ready to carry out a full performance and safety assessment of the site as soon as it is confirmed. In this paper the work and the results of the joint PA/SA team performed so far, and future plans with the emphasis on the IAEA technical co-operation are presented.

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