The problems considered for the substantiation and implementation of a complex rehabilitation territory of the exclusion zone and the zone of absolute resettlement (EZZAR) are directed towards the recovery of its normal economic operation. This process of implementation uses a system of countermeasures. The issues of discussion are normative-legal base, principles, criterion, methods and scenarios of rehabilitation, concept of a full and partial rehabilitation, direction of rehab activity (both without change of the territory status and directed towards the rerun of territories under jurisdiction of local government bodies) and re-evacuation of the population and maintenance of normal conditions of its residents and habitability. State of the art natural and technogenic objects on the territory of EZZAR are discussed concerning preliminary estimations for a capability of practical implementation of different directions of rehabilitation activity on the EZZAR territory. GIS technologies are used to take into account the dynamics of a radioecological situation in natural and semi-natural ecosystems. The chief types of practical activities considered are activities on environmental protection and maintenance in a normal condition of phyto- and zoo-sanitary situation (including forestry activity, activation of landscape-recovery processes, etc.).

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