For the dismantling of the pressure vessels and internals of the Greifwald WWER units 1–4, remote dismantling procedures are necessary. In order to realise this, 3 different cutting areas are used, i.e.: a wet cutting pool for highly activated parts, a dry cutting area for less activated parts and a specific cutting area for the annular water tank. Techniques and procedures were tested in a mock-up installation, with original components from the not operated reactor units 7 and 8. Special emphasis was given to evaluate the expected radiation exposure of the personnel, the maximum application time of the tools and the minimization of the secondary waste. The complete testing program was executed from October 1999 to September 2002. The authorised expert was involved in all steps of the testing. Thus a firm basis for the licensing and the execution of the remote dismantling could be established. Based on the results of the model dismantling and the selection of tools and procedures, the times necessary for the different operation steps could be calculated. With these figures, the manpower and the ambient dose rate it was possible to calculate the time need for the dismantling and also the expected dose commitment. This information was mandatory for the project planning and the preparation of the licensing documents. Presently the implantation of components and systems are going on in unit 2 and the start of cutting of the first activated pressure vessel is scheduled for end of 2003.

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