At present, Chernobyl NPP is under decommissioning after the final shutdown of Unit 3 at the end of 2000. The decommissioning activity is being carried out on the basis of the “Decommissioning Conception for ChNPP” approved in 1992. In accordance with the acting legislation, this concept should be reconsidered in 2002 at the latest. Presently, a new version of the concept is being developed. This document is based on the decommissioning strategy, which foresees the long-term safe storage of reactors’ cores (up to 100 years) and coolant circuit facilities (up to 50 years) within the existing building constructions together with dismantling of auxiliary equipment. Key decisions are the following: 1) the final goal of decommissioning is the condition described as a “brown field site”; 2) decommissioning involves measures for decontamination and dismantling of the contaminated structures; 3) structures having contamination levels at or below free release are considered as “conditionally clear” and for them the decommissioning goals have been achieved; 4) it is anticipated that the dismantling of building constructions and refinement of site will be considered in the framework of Chernobyl Exclusion Zone rehabilitation. This paper describes the decommissioning process for materials and reactor facilities and presents an overview of the decommissioning program activities.

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