The information is presented on solid radioactive wastes (SRAW) repositories of Siberian Group of Chemical Enterprises, which contain spent graphite sleeves and parts metallic constructions of plutonium production reactors (PUGRs). Some of the repositories are filled with water. The samples of concrete walls, soil and water in vicinity if the repositories were taken as well as samples of water and sediments from ones filled with water. 3H, 14C, 137Cs, 241Am, 60Co and some other radionuclides content in the samples was determined. The affect of storage conditions oa various types of SRAW on their radioactive contamination was studied. Penetartion of some radionuclides from repositories into environment was established. Basing on the results obtained, the conclusions were made about state of various types the repositories and on possibility of their further using for the wastes storage.

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