The UK has a significant nuclear legacy arising from Government funded work going back to the 1940s. Government is proposing radical changes to current arrangements to tackle this legacy, clean-up nuclear sites and develop its policy for managing solid radioactive waste. As part of these developments the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate of the Health & Safety Executive, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and the Environment Agency are putting in place joint working arrangements to improve the regulation of intermediate level radioactive wastes (ILW). The aim is to ensure that ILW is managed in a sustainable way taking into account long-term environmental considerations. These arrangements provide for improved regulatory oversight of (i) proposals from nuclear site licensees to condition ILW, and (ii) the work by Nirex to develop further its phased disposal concept (PDC). The regulators will scrutinise: • ILW conditioning proposals: This involves assessing site waste management plans, waste management options (e.g. BPEO assessments), conceptual designs and functional specifications for waste conditioning plants, detailed designs, construction, commissioning and operation of the plants, and the state of waste packages. • Nirex’s on-going work: This involves examining Nirex’s PDC, its application to ILW conditioning proposals and associated Letters of Comfort/Letters of Advice (LoC/LoA) and the possible future development of an environmental safety case for an eventual repository. A description is given of the regulators’ process associated with these new arrangements.

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