JAI has developed a simple computer program for use in determining a preliminary estimate of costs for transporting spent nuclear fuel or high-level radioactive waste by legal weight truck or by rail. The JAI Corporation Spent Fuel and High-Level Radioactive Waste Transportation Cost Model © is a Microsoft Excel 2000-based collection of spreadsheets. Both the truck and rail sub-models consist of three spreadsheets, or modules — as follows: • The “Input” spreadsheet accepts the user’s inputs (the user’s configuration of the transportation scenario to be modeled); • The “Cost Calculations” spreadsheet lists cost components and associated calculations; • The “Results” spreadsheet summarized the calculated transportation costs. The program does not calculate costs between two specific points, but rather over a specific distance. The individual inputs required can be entered by the user — or the user can accept the default values built into the program. The input to the program is divided into the following elements: 1. Scenario configuration; 2. Financial assumptions; 3. Capital-related costs; 4. Operating costs; 5. Freight-related costs; 6. Security-related costs. The rail portion of the program also permits the calculation of the cost of heavy haul and barge transport. The cost calculation spreadsheet contains all the algorithms used for calculating each element of cost and summing them — and the results spreadsheet shows the separate cost of capital, operations, freight, security and miscellaneous costs, plus the total cost for the shipment(s). The program offers an easy way for obtaining preliminary estimates of the cost of transporting spent fuel or high-level radioactive waste, and a way to quickly estimate the sensitivity of transport costs to changes in conditions or shipping scenarios.

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