In Germany the legal and regulatory framework is designed to be applicable to all types of nuclear facilities / activities including the decommissioning of nuclear facilities. This generic approach has been developed for regulating nuclear activities over the many years of nuclear experience. Provisions applicable to an individual subject area, such as decommissioning of nuclear facilities, are “scattered” in the various documents of the national legal and regulatory framework. In order to provide assistance to those who are dealing with decommissioning of nuclear facilities, a “Decommissioning Guideline” was published in 1996 [1], which compiled all regulations relevant for licensing and supervising the decommissioning of nuclear facilities and also helps to harmonize the overall licensing process. A great number of amendments were made to the legal and regulatory provisions in recent years, in particular on the phase out of nuclear energy generation; on the environmental impact assessment; and on the release of buildings, materials and sites from nuclear regulatory control. As a consequence, the “Decommissioning Guideline” needed an update which is scheduled to be finished by end 2003. Information on the overall legal and regulatory situation, the revision of the “Decommissioning Guideline” and, in particular, on new legal and regulatory requirements is being provided.

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