The CONSTOR® was developed with special consideration to an economical and effective way of manufacturing by using conventional mechanical engineering technologies and common materials. The main objective of this development was to fabricate these casks in countries not having highly specialized industries for casting or forging of thick-walled casks. Nevertheless, the CONSTOR® concept fulfills both the internationally valid IAEA criteria for transportation and the German criteria for long-term intermediate storage. The basic cask concept has been designed for adaptation to different spent fuel specifications as well as handling conditions in the NPPs. Adaptations have been made for spent fuel from RBMK and VVER reactors, and also for BWR spent fuel and high active waste.

So far, 30 CONSTOR® RBMK-1500 original casks have been manufactured and delivered to Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant in Lithuania. Two of these have been succesfully loaded during hot trial tests and placed in storage.

The CONSTOR® cask for RBMK fuel has obtained the type B(U)F verification certificate from the Russian authority GAN and the release for manufacturing as a storage cask by the Lithuanian Authority VATESI. Following the successful hot trials, the final storage license from VATESI is expected in the near future. The type B(U)F licensing in the Czech Republic will be finished in 2001.

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