The EUREX reprocessing pilot plant, at ENEA Research Centre, Saluggia (VC - Italy), stores 113 m3 of intermediate level liquid waste and 110 m3 of low level liquid waste, originating from the past reprocessing campaigns.

Conditioning of the above wastes, for the purpose of final disposal, has been planned in a new installation for the solidification of both intermediate and low level wastes at Saluggia site. The installation, under design, has been named CORA Plant (COnditioning of RAdioactive wastes).

Direct Vitrification process using cold crucible melter (CCM) developed by CEA of Marcoule, has been chosen as conditioning technology for a mix of most active wastes and cementation for secondary low level waste produced during vitrification.

A boro-silicate glass matrix has been selected with a specific nominal chemical composition adapted to liquid waste matrix. Characterisation work of this specific glass is under progress.

CORA has been presented to regulatory authority has a modification of a pilot reprocessing Eurex plant.

Vitrification equipment and glass canister interim storage facility of CORA Plant will be housed inside the existing building of Eurex facility properly modified. Cementation unit inside a new building located in a near external yard.

A description of the waste management scheme, as well as a brief description of adopted technologies, chemical glass composition and updated schedule of CORA project is presented in this paper.

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