In Petten, the Netherlands, a Molybdenum Production Facility (MPF) has been realised since 1994 by the Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group (NRG) in close co-operation with Mallinckrodt, a company that produces isotopes for medical applications at the same site. The facility is operated by Mallinckrodt personnel under the license of NRG. At this moment the facility has a weekly production rate of 0,4 PBq (10,500 Ci). The management of the radioactive waste treatment, developed by Mallinckrodt, NRG and COVRA, has been one of the key issues during the development of the production facility.

COVRA is the Central Organisation for Radioactive Waste in the Netherlands and responsible for the execution of the radwaste policy of the Dutch government. For solid and liquid low level waste (LLW) the existing route at COVRA was available. For the handling of solid and liquid intermediate level waste (ILW) from the MPF, a new system for transport, interim storage and treatment had to be developed. Therefore the Mo-waste project was established in 1994.

This project included the following issues:

• development, construction and operation of a filling and packaging station for liquid waste at the production site,

• design, engineering, fabrication and testing of Type A-transport containers for both the solid and liquid ILW,

• modification of transport vehicle,

• design and realisation of interim storage and treatment facilities for both the solid and liquid ILW at the COVRA site.

At this moment the completed facilities have successfully undergone the hot testing phase. The experiences achieved confirmed the rightness of the choice to integrate the COVRA waste management concept in the Molybdenum production cycle.

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