At the Greifswald site, there are 8 units of the Russian pressurised water reactor type WWER 440. After the reunification of Germany, it was decided to decommission all units without a safe enclosure phase.

Due to the high activation of the components of the reactors 1 to 4, it was necessary to use mainly remote dismantling techniques. The concept first foresees a model dismantling in the steam generator room of unit 5 to test the transport, cutting and packaging equipment to perform the later dismantling of the activated reactors 1 to 4 safely and optimally. For this purpose the non-activated and non-contaminated equipment of the units 7 and 8 will be used. For the dismantling, a dry cutting area, wet cutting area and a cutting area in the reactor cavity room are foreseen.

The installations of the cutting equipment in the steam generator room of unit 5 were executed from June 1997 until September 1999.

During model dismantling, several technical problems occurred, especially with the band saws and video technique, which strongly affected or even stopped the tests. For these reasons, only few data are available for the evaluation of the cutting procedures and for the estimation of the time needed as well as for the radiological exposure to be expected for units 1 to 4.

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