Long term storage of plutonium separated from fission products is not a good solution according to the current non-proliferation criteria as well as from an economic point of view. This material has thus to be converted to the equivalent of the “spent fuel standard”. Only one technique has so far reached the industrial maturity necessary to convert the important existing plutonium stockpiles: it is the use of plutonium to manufacture and irradiate MOX fuel. The paper reviews the existing information over the separated plutonium stockpiles and the various International Agreements, which are implemented to cover the peaceful use of plutonium.

The dual track solution retained in U.S. in mentioned. The situation U.S. and Russia is updated, the roles of Europe and Belgium are presented.

The activities of BELGONUCLEAIRE on the US and Russian sides will be described and its experience in fabrication technology, quality, safety, environmental issues, non-proliferation, safeguards and transport will be considered. The transfer of technology to France, Japan and US makes the MIMAS BELGONUCLEAIRE fabrication process equivalent to an international standard. This forms a sound basis for further development and for a transfer to Russia. The paper will demonstrate by this way the commitment of BELGONUCLEAIRE to participate to the peaceful uses of plutonium, as well as its contribution safely to non-proliferation and disarmament international policy.

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