Moscow SIA RADON has developed and tested an experimental plant for treatment of radioactive waste of the mixed type including up to 40 wt. % of incombustible components with the capacity from 50 to 80 kg/h on the base of the shaft furnace with plasma heat source. Heating furnace was provided due to the arc DC plasma torch with electric capacity from 60 to 150 kW, designed at RADON. The expenses of the electric power for plasma torch were 0.5 up to 1.5 kWh/1 kg of waste depending on their composition. Pyrolytic gas with calorific value up to 4.5–5.5 MJ/kg at an output of the furnace was received, which burning provided a necessary temperature mode in the afterburner. In the shaft furnace the mode impeding radionuclides loss with off-gases has been realized. The ablation of 137Cs from the furnace did not exceed 12%, 60Co – 2.5% and trans-uranium elements – 1% due to the shaft operation mode chosen. The treatment of radioactive waste without fluxing additives has been carried out, and the slag compound with high chemical durability has been obtained.

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