The aim of this paper is to inform of the world’s specialists about the systematical approach to the radioactive waste management in Slovak Republic (Slovakia).

In Slovakia are in operation six preassurized light water reactors at NPPs V-1, V-2 in Jaslovske Bohunice and reactors 2×440 MWe in NPP Mochovce at present. The installed elektro-capacity produced from these reactors is 2640 MWe total.

The first experimental NPP in the former Czechoslovakia was NPP A-1. It had used natural uranium as a fuel and heavy water as a moderator and CO2 as a cooling medium. The installed preformance of this NPP A-1 was 150 MWe and was in operation since 1972 to 1977. After two technological incidents former Czechoslovak government have decided to take out of this NPP A-1 from operation.

According to former Soviet projects concerning for costructions of the above mentioned NPP in Jaslovske Bohunice Slovakia, to these project didn’t belong the projects for constructions of the technological units for the radioactive waste treatment, expect of the evaporating plant for the contaminated water concetration and storage tanks for the evaporated concentrates storage and storage possibilities for the contaminated solid waste storage. A comparable complicated situation was at NPP A-1, because all type of the radioactive waste streams content gama, beta and alfa radioanuclides as well. The second technological incident at NPP A-1 (with the some portion of the cooling medium CO2 leaking form the reactor vessel out) caused contamination for the NPP A-1 operating spaces by alfa radionuclides and alfa radionuclides penetrated in all waste streams at storage tanks, pipelines, vessels, etc. as well.

During the beginning of the 80’s were realized some states R and D tasks that solved the systematical approach to the radioactive waste treatment in former Czechoslovakia. The main aim of the first etap was solved the all problems connected for the radioactive waste, treatment that are formed during NPPs of the VVER-440 type operation. It was necessary to secure the production of the electro energie. The most seriously priority had the tasks, that solved of the evaporator concentrates and solid waste treatment, especially burnable, pretratment. Simultaneuosly were solved the problems connected with the proposals, designings and realisations of the disposals for the long term storage of the treated RAW in the Czech and Slovak regions. In this presentation I have tried to deliver main information, that give of the survey for RAW treatment and their long term safety storage at disposal system in Mochovec - Slovakia.

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