In the course of decommissioning of one German BWR power station, a number of activated core components have to be prepared for interim storage in a shielded building at the NPP site. For optimum use of the storage capacity, a maximum volume reduction is to be achieved.

The components to be treated are 774 water channels and 130 control elements. The resulting material has to be accommodated in special design stainless steel drums which initially will be positioned in the fuel pool awaiting subsequent treatment. For accommodation of the material in the drums, the core components have to be cut by an underwater shear, and in order to achieve a maximum loading of the drum, after cutting the material is compacted by an underwater in-drum compactor. An integrated facility consisting basically of the underwater shear and the in-drum compactor has especially been designed and built for that given task. The paper will describe that equipment and the work to be performed.

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