The paper is devoted to investigations of spent reactor graphite contamination. The study was based on the sampling from the graphite stacks and sleeves of three shut down plutonium-production reactors in Siberian Group of Chemical Enterprises (SGCE), Seversk (Tomsk-7). Several hundreds graphite samples were analysed by means of α-, β-, γ- and X-ray spectrometry. Contents of 3H, 14C, fission products, actinides, products of impurities neutron activation were determined. The inventories of above mentioned radionuclides were estimated. Correlation between content of various groups of radionuclides was studied. Graphite sleeves contamination was studied depending on the period of their irradiation.

Comparison of obtained experimental data for the three SGCE reactors with calculated predictions showed substantial difference. The conclusion was made on applicability of the data obtained for estimations of spent graphite contamination in other reactor types including RBMK reactors.

The main part of the studies was performed in the frame of the ISTC Projects No. 561 and No. 1409 fulfilment.

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