It is proposed that only ceramics, which are based on host-phases similar to naturally occurring accessory minerals including zircon, (Zr,Hf,An,…)SiO4; hafnon, (Hf,Zr,An,…)SiO4; baddeleyite, (Zr,Hf,An,…)O2; tazheranite (cubic zirconia), (Zr,Hf,Ca,Ti,An,…)O2; garnet, (Ca,Fe,Gd,An,…)3(Al,Fe,Si,An,…)5O12 and perovskite, (Ca,Gd,An,…)(Al,Fe,Ti,…)O3, are the most suitable materials for actinide (An = U, Pu, Np, Am, Cm) isolation in deep geological formations. Solid solution of Pu in cubic zirconia, (Zr,Pu)O2, could be used as ceramic nuclear fuel which is competitive with mixed oxide fuel, (U,Pu)O2. Samples of these ceramics doped with Pu from a few % to 37 wt. % El. were successfully synthesized and investigated. Physical and chemical properties of synthesized ceramics, and the industrial scale applications of these suggested waste forms, are discussed.

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